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Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group

Melincryddan Community Conference (MCC) is a not-for-profit company and a Registered Charity, operating across the Neath Port Talbot area.

Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group is a friendly group of survivors and partners that meet regularly, to help each other build a more meaningful life after stroke.

Outline of our Intervention

Digital Communities Wales (DCW) worked with Melincryddan Community Conference (MCC) and Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group to deliver a six-week Fitbit health project. DCW supplied five Fitbits and a toolkit, which supported delivery of the project. There were five participants who each had their own Fitbit.

Each participant established their own weekly health goals and was given support in ways to achieve these goals. During weekly group sessions they were supported to engage with the Fitbit dashboard online and use other online tools that supported their health and wellbeing.

At the end of the project, all participants were encouraged to continue to engage in health and wellbeing activities and to use technology to support this. The group facilitators were MCC volunteers. The project enabled them to deliver their first project as digital champions. The volunteers completed Level 2 accreditation digital champion training, delivered by DCW. The group facilitators were also promoted further drop-in sessions in Neath, Skewen, Glynneath and Pontardawe libraries.

Impact of our Intervention

An MCC volunteer said the project “Enabled participants to increase their digital skills and to become more confident in managing their fitness”.

Rhiannon, another MCC volunteer, said that the Fitbit “Is a useful device because it had motivated each participant to achieve the daily recommended steps.”

Individual Impact

One of the group participants said that “Due to the course I have actually purchased a Fitbit to continue my activities online, to keep track of my weight and fitness.”

I enjoyed wearing the Fitbit. It was interesting in so many different things and always something new to learn.

Susan, Participant

Tina found it helpful and encouraging, especially to encourage her to exercise more. Tina shared that she had lost a stone in weight while using the Fitbit.

Dwynwen shared “I think the project has been excellent. I will be getting a Fitbit of my own, for my birthday. I enjoyed monitoring my steps and heartrate and sleep patterns. It makes me want to try and walk more and it has allowed me to address specific concerns in regards to my heart rate and overall health with my GP.”

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