We’re working to help people access and use the internet.

For Organisations:

We provide digital inclusion training to organisations

If you’re working with older people, people with disabilities, unemployed people or vulnerable families, we can provide you with free digital inclusion training.
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We work with organisations to embed digital inclusion

We help organisations develop strategies and policies for digital inclusion and provide advice on embedding digital inclusion into day-to-day activities.
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For Individuals:

We offer digital inclusion volunteering opportunities

If using email and the internet comes easily to you, you could start an exciting new role as a Digital Volunteer, working with people who don’t have your skills.

Digital Inclusion is about working with communities to address issues of opportunity, access, knowledge and skill in relation to using technology, and in particular the internet.

Focusing on practical approaches, Digital Inclusion aims to address the needs of those in communities who are not utilising technology.

Work within the Digital Inclusion area covers research, analysis and training and specifically aims to promote a climate of engagement with those most at risk of being digitally excluded.

Success Stories

Groundwork Wales

I’ll definitely say that I’m more confident with social media and keen to use it to promote our projects. I’m just putting together my second post of the week to advertise a couple of allotment projects. Glad to feel a bit more savvy!

Mon Communities First

I had one gentleman from the ward come up to me the day after we had helped him and thanked us for our swift support. He explained that if we hadn’t supported him that day, by getting his CV and certificates sent electronically to an employer, he would have missed out on a six month contract, working off shore.

North Denbighshire Communities First

I learnt a lot from the Digital Champions Training. Along with the resources available via the Digital Communities Wales website, I feel far more confident to help individuals and small groups on a regular basis to start and improve their job searching capabilities.

Cardiff Council – Joint Union Learning Team

The training we’ve received has helped my patience, to appreciate people don’t know how to do certain things online. I can now be more understanding to their needs and how important it is for them to have digital skills in work.

Pennaf Clwyd Alyn

The training and kit provided by Digital Communities Wales has enabled us to launch an online portal for our residents to access. Here they can access things such as paying their rent or logging a repair job with us, so making our tenants more digitally included has a mutual benefit.

Pembrokeshire Libraries

The digital inclusion training day was highly beneficial in improving the confidence of those members of staff in using iPads and Apps, and in providing guidance on the use of different tools that are available to customers.

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