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Cloud 9 Caerphilly

The Cloud 9 project was launched in November 2014.

It has been developed by a partnership involving Get Caerphilly Online, Communities First, Happus.eu, Smart Money Cymru, the local ‘Making the Connections’ Officer and Rhymney Comprehensive School.

The aim is to help young people and their families use and take advantage of new technology. By making Information Technology (IT) central to learning and individual development, Cloud 9 aims to support pupils and their families and to overcome digital exclusion.

Cloud 9 helps families to purchase affordable devices and enables them to access resources such as the Welsh Government’s Hwb+. The focus on families is a key aspect of the initiative, giving access to improved ICT skills, to communication tools such as Skype, Facebook and to financial services.

How We Helped

Digital Communities Wales has supported the co-ordination of the partnership behind the Cloud 9 initiative.

This initially led to the involvement of Rhymney Comprehensive School as a pilot, with activities moving to local primary schools.

I use my laptop that I purchased from Cloud 9 to write stories and also carry out job searches.

I found the Internet Safety training really useful.

Michelle, a direct beneficiary of the Cloud 9 project

The Impact

DCW involvement has helped set up ‘Digital Afternoons’ sessions, where parents are invited into the school to find out how their children are using technology in the classroom, and how there is a need for a device in the home. Pupils have led on part of these sessions. In one of the most deprived areas of Caerphilly Borough.

30 parents attended a Digital Afternoon session which was previously unheard of for an activity of this nature in the school Follow-up training from DCW is planned for parents, around issues including internet safety and saving money online. It’s also hoped that local housing associations and libraries will become involved in the initiative, to encourage tenants to participate and locate access if they do not have this at home.


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