Organisations Urged to Sign Digital Inclusion Charter & Help Get People Online

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Organisations Urged to Sign Digital Inclusion Charter & Help Get People Online

26 February, 2016

Digital Communities Wales, the Welsh Government’s digital inclusion project, has launched a Charter which calls on organisations in Wales to promote basic digital skills and help people get online.

The Digital Inclusion Charter has been developed by the Wales Co-operative Centre which delivers the Digital Communities Wales project.

Incredibly, nearly one in five adults in Wales aren’t online. In some places, that figure is as high as one in three. People are being held back in life because no one has shown them how to use the Internet.

The Charter includes six pledges and is a simple way for organisations to show how they are helping digitally excluded people – particularly older people, people with disabilities, unemployed people, social housing tenants and families in poverty – enjoy the benefits of the internet.

Signatories of the Charter also commit to working together in a spirit of co-operation to promote digital inclusion in Wales.

More information about the Charter can be found at digitalcommunities.gov.wales/charter along with a form to pledge support.

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