At Digital Communities Wales we recognise that it is important to receive recognition for your learning.

We have worked closely with Agored Cymru to develop two Level 2 units which focus on supporting others to develop digital skills.

Our one and two day training courses “Supporting People to Get Online” and “Digital Champion Training” offer the opportunity for learners to complete assessed tasks to achieve credits.

We run open access two and one day sessions across Wales. Our current courses can be found here. We also run courses for organisations where there are a group of at least 6 staff or volunteers who want to complete the course.

More information about the content of our accredited sessions can be found below:

The Agored Cymru Units relating to these training sessions are:

More information about our awarding body Agored Cymru can be found here.

All our training is fully funded, including accreditation.

If you have any further queries or questions please get in touch with Delyth Rees, Training and Technical Officer for Digital Communities Wales. 07823 342 301 or

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Accredited Training? Accredited training meets agreed learning outcomes and quality standards. Learning Disability Wales’s accredited courses meet the requirements of one or more “Units” on the Qualification and Curriculum Framework.
What Does Accreditation Mean to Learners? Your work on an accredited course will be assessed by the tutor.

After the course Digital Communities Wales will make a recommendation to Agored Cymru that successful learners are awarded the correct “Credits” to recognise your learning on the course.

The Units you study and the Credits you are awarded are recognised by educational establishments and employers across the UK so you can demonstrate what you learnt and when.

How Will I be Assessed? Your learning will be assessed by your course tutor and should not get in the way of your learning.

During the course your tutor will ask you to do an exercise or piece of work, take part in a discussion or talk to your fellow learners. You will probably be familiar with these activities from other training courses. All these and similar activities will be used by your tutor to assess your learning.

Who Accredits Digital Communities Wales Training? Digital Communities Wales training is accredited by Agored Cymru: a Qualification and Curriculum Framework Wales awarding body.

All learners who want to get credits for their learning are registered with Agored Cymru by Digital Communities Wales (Wales Co-operative Centre LTD)

Agored Cymru check to make sure that we look after you as learners, our training is of a good quality and that your work is assessed in a fair way.

Successful learners are awarded credits by Agored Cymru.

Prior Learning If you feel that you have already learnt about some of the content on an accredited course and would like this to be taken into account when assessing you for the award of credits please speak to the tutor.

If you can demonstrate your prior learning, this can be considered when assessing your work for accreditation.

Fair Assessment To make sure that we assess everyone’s work in a fair way we may sometimes make some changes to the way we assess some people’s work.

All learners have to meet the same learning outcomes to the same standard but it may be that your circumstances mean that we could change the way we do things to give you a fair opportunity.

Please speak to your tutor if you have any assessment issue you want to raise.

Appeals and Complaints If you wish to appeal a decision about the award of Credit for your learning or have a complaint about how your accredited course is run or your work assessed please contact the Training and Technical Officer at Digital Communities Wales (Contact details are below).
Plagiarism Since your work is being assessed you must make sure that any work you present for assessment is your own work.

Learners found to be presenting other’s work as their own will not be awarded credits.

Equal Opportunities Digital Communities Wales welcomes all learners regardless of race, ethnic origin, language, gender, disability, age, sexuality, marital status, nationality, religious or non-religious belief, family background or any other individual characteristic which may limit a person’s opportunities in life.
Disability Every effort will be made to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that people with a disability can take part in learning opportunities by:
  • Talking to disabled people to find out about their learning needs
  • Making reasonable adjustments to assessment tasks/procedures.
  • Working with disabled people and their organisations to make sure that we continue to work towards inclusive learning
What Sort of Help Can be Provided by Digital Communities Wales?
  • Use of accessible venues
  • Large print materials
  • Extra time for exams/assessments

We will work with you to find the best solution for your individual needs

Recognition Digital Communities Wales will:
  • Recognise that some people have faced barriers in their previous experience of education
  • Value all people who take part as staff or learners
  • Continually look to improve the quality of the training we offer
  • Respond to enquiries, suggestions or any issues raised
Health & Safety Digital Communities Wales (Wales Cooperative Centre) has a responsibility for providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all our learners and staff. Premises and activities are risk assessed. Learners also have a duty to take reasonable care for the health & safety of themselves and others.
Have Your Say All learners receive a bi-monthly e-bulletin from the training team. We welcome your ideas for resources/content and encourage you to get in touch with us if you want to share best practice, resources or your experiences of supporting people to get online.

We have a Facebook group which is open to everyone who has undertaken training with us. This is a space for you to speak with other practitioners and volunteers from across Wales.

We welcome any comments or suggestions you have about our training. Please get in touch with Delyth Rees at

Initial Assessments As part of your registration for our accredited learning you will complete a pre-training questionnaire. Please use this as an opportunity to tell us about any support you may need to complete the course and your aims/objectives for completing the course. A tutor will be in touch with you prior to the commencement of the course if there are any support needs you need to discuss or is any adjustments need to be made to help you participate in the course.
Quality Monitoring At the end of your course, you will be asked to complete an end of course evaluation form. This helps us to make our courses the best they can be. We take all feedback on board and welcome your comments and suggestions. It also helps us monitor how you will put what you’ve learned into practice in your work or volunteering.

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