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Online Today, RNIB’s flagship Digital Inclusion project, was just getting underway as Digital Communities Wales (DCW) started back in 2015. As a newly established project , Online Today Cymru was keen to establish links with anyone and everyone that could help it promote and deliver the project. RNIB Cymru signed up to the Digital Charter promoted by DCW and quickly saw the benefits of engaging with the local “Get On Line” networks facilitated by DCW. This gave Online Today the chance to meet and work with like minded individuals and organisations and through these partnerships it was able to promote the project at local events and libraries . Two very clear examples of where DCW has supported Online Today Cymru and RNIB Cymru are in the following. The first was by adapting and delivering the training session An introduction to supporting people to get on line to RNIB staff and volunteers, some of whom were blind or partially sighted. Secondly, and impressively, has been the way in which DCW’s has worked to promote volunteering, and has provided RNIB with a large number of volunteers willing to deliver digital skills, an area where Online Today Cymru had struggled until the support of DCW. This made a real difference to its delivery.

RNIB Cymru staff say, “The support from DCW has been invaluable, and has most definitely led to better delivery to more people than would have otherwise been possible.”

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