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NatWest Community Banking Team

With more and more people opting to bank online and the reduction in the number of small local branches; NatWest has developed the “Community Banker” (CB’s) The aim of the Community Banking Team is to develop a presence in the community; assisting customers to access the right banking solution for them; host regular events across the community providing customers with access to information and services in an ever increasing digital world; assist customers to overcome the fear of digital banking and general use of the online services through education, as well as a range of other support.

Digital inclusion is becoming more of a priority for service based industries, consequently NatWest are investing time and resources in supporting customers to get online as part of the work the Community Banking team is doing.

DCW has provided a range of support to the NatWest Community Banking Team:
1. DCW staff in North Wales have worked closely with NatWest to strengthen the digital inclusion skills of staff and volunteers within the Community Banking Team, complementing the work already being delivered by the team whilst supporting customers.
2. The Community Bankers have been trained in specific digital inclusion topics which will be incorporated into the support they offer, thus providing customers with a range of digital inclusion skills.
3. DCW has been sharing digital inclusion information and making links between NatWest and community groups and organisations so that they can benefit from Community Banking support. By increasing the reach of Community Banking support, DCW is indirectly helping people improve their financial capability.
4. DCW has helped NatWest recruit six digital volunteers who are directly helping service users across North Wales and increase the impact of the Community Banking service.
5. The NatWest Area Manager for North West Wales, Mike German, has agreed to sign the Digital Charter for the organisation across Wales. The Charter is a public commitment by NatWest to digital inclusion.

As a result of DCW’s support, NatWest Community Bankers are now providing customers with help on:
• Online security
• Online Banking
• General digital inclusion support
• Social media

Each Community Banker is tasked with supporting at least two new clients each week, resulting in support to over 500 new customers each year. If successful it is anticipated that this model will be replicated across Wales.

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